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Adam Lyttle is a very talented and knowledgeable piercing artist. He has over 14 years experience and will be happy to satisfy your piercing needs. He offers; custom piercings and dermals. All of our jewelry is implant grade and internally thread*. Most of our jewelry comes from Anatometal Jewelry, we only have the best for our customers who demand quality. Adam does all the custom bending and anodizing* right here at the shop! Please call ahead for a piercing or if you want custom pieces, call in for a consult. His hours are Tues to Fri:12-8 and Saturday 12-6.

*internally thread: when the jewelry is being passed through the piercing, the threads also pass through it, and then the ball is screwed into place. You should always be looking for this when getting a piercing or new jewelry.

*anodizing: the electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. This means any of the colors you see in the pictures posted are what Adam can do here at the shop! This process is completely safe for you and your jewelry and the results are so beautiful!

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